Alas, I am one of them…

All around me I see violence


sexual, cultural,spiritual


I see human killing human,

human killing animals,

human killing plants


Everyone is becoming meaner,

Everyone is becoming self-centered,

No one cares about no one


I see blood becoming cheaper than water

I see everything is getting noble but humanity

I see everyone blaming other

but no one wants to look into his own collar


We have become hypocrites

we have become fake,

double standard people

we have become hollow inside out


My eyes see it, my ears hear it,

my mind senses it , my heart feels it,

I want to stand up, I want to speak out,


But my lips don’t coordinate with my body

the words, just don’t come out

I guess I’m scared,

of the violence


Alas, I am also one of them

the fake,hypocrite,double-standard

so-called human beings.









Let’s talk about CREATIVITY!


Everyone have some uniqueness inside

don’t hide it instead take pride

let others know who you are

and be your own world’s  rockstar

Creativity is not merely about drawing delicate paintings, singing melodious songs or constructing a flawless building . If you are doing things that are poles apart and unique from the rest of the masses, herewith you are creative.

In our society, the wrong aspect of creativity is borne in mind. It is not all right here that a person can carry on with his/her creative art as a profession, even if he/she is the cracker-jack of that particular art . He/she have to move up with some accountable and direful line of work in order to outshine according to the self-styled SOCIETY .

besides to my way of thinking if you appreciate the friendly arrangement of objects in your house, that you crack reading cumbersome books in a flash, if you are keen observer, if you have the habitude of daydreaming (although daydreaming may seem mindless, a 2012 STUDY,suggested that it could involve highly engaged brain state) or if you are good at verbalizing your innervation , YES then no doubt you are an artist. These style of creativity are as real and valuable as those of painter and other artists. Creativity helps us do to things that are diverse and out of  the box . creativity is the presentation of oneself to the world.

Everyone has an imagination power. But art is something beyond that imagination. Art gives your imagination a purposeful shape, whether in the form of painting , singing , writing , speaking , motivating or arranging.

So we must not leave our imaginations unproductive. We should cultivate the land of imaginations with the seeds of creativity and courage to present the well-nourished tree of one’s creativity to the rest of the world.

The ponderous ingredient is one’s passion and concern about the art which make them artisan. So go with your interest and prove the world that you have the skill to build a vivid and novel world.

Go on.Show the world who you are.






Where I am from …

Note: This is a poem I wrote three years ago as a class assignment for my Creative Writing class  during my exchange year in the US.I wrote this poem to give other classmates some idea about “who I am”

I am from the purple-headed mountains, the milky white water

that pours down the cracked holes in Earth

I am from the meat-loving nation and the mouth-watering cuisine

oily,salty,spicy,crispy umm

I am from “Give Respect Get Respect”and my parent innocent dreams

seeing their daughter going to college

I am from the city of lights, illuminating and prismatic

and the dark opaque hours ,waiting for the power to come back

I am from the shivering winters and the sweltering summers

and the relaxing chai and the tasty gola

I am from the whispers  of boring maths classes 

and cramming the “Equations of motion”at 1 pm

I am from the streams of tears after watching Titanic

and the wet eyes caused by the fear of losing my loved ones

I am from the simplicity and integrity of my ancestors

        dipped into the modernization of my thoughts

PS. I don’t find  mathematics or physics boring subjects anymore,in fact, both are my favorite.:)