Alas, I am one of them…

All around me I see violence


sexual, cultural,spiritual


I see human killing human,

human killing animals,

human killing plants


Everyone is becoming meaner,

Everyone is becoming self-centered,

No one cares about no one


I see blood becoming cheaper than water

I see everything is getting noble but humanity

I see everyone blaming other

but no one wants to look into his own collar


We have become hypocrites

we have become fake,

double standard people

we have become hollow inside out


My eyes see it, my ears hear it,

my mind senses it , my heart feels it,

I want to stand up, I want to speak out,


But my lips don’t coordinate with my body

the words, just don’t come out

I guess I’m scared,

of the violence


Alas, I am also one of them

the fake,hypocrite,double-standard

so-called human beings.









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