Heart says”YES” Mind says “NO”…

“Are we made for each other?”, her heart asked

“Nah! you don’t like him. He is hell annoying,   stuck up and haughty.You guys are no match for each other.How can you even think about it?”, her mind said

“Yes, you are absolutely right… but what if I have started liking him… they say when you like someone, you like his soul and then the other things  don’t matter”, her heart said

“This is just a bookish view of life, they also say that, when you want something the whole world conspires you to achieve it. So, do you think if you started thinking about him or pray to God for him, he will appear in front of you from out-of-nowhere?”, her mind said sarcastically “It’s all nonsense! you need to think more rationally”.

Heart started thinking about him

” Please God, please if I really like him if we are really made for each other I want you to prove it give me a hint.Please God! tell me what is this feeling  I think I hate him but then why My heart always skip a beat when his name comes up? why I get nervous and self-conscious when he looks at me? why I stutter talking to him?  why I think about him and make plans in my mind to maybe meet him.? why-why-why?”

“Wait are you thinking about him? You gotta be kidding me. You believe in all this bullshit. You really think if you started thinking about him he will come here. what he has got to do here? at this time of the day? You know he doesn’t come here at this time. He is probably sleeping right now.? And you sound RIDICULOUS right now”. her mind said

Heart still praying.

“I would really like to see your reaction after you fail” . her mind ridiculed.

“Why do I think that he will come? I feel like I will see him today”, her heart said.

“You won’t.You can’t. He DOESN’T COME HERE TODAY”, her mind said angrily

“I’m going to  wait”, her heart said “you know sometimes the most expected things happen when you least expect them

“You gotta go, you have work to do”, her mind said.

There is a long pause, no one said anything.

“I think you were right he won’t come, why will he come anyway. It’s not like he will sleepwalk here. I was being so obscure. I better go or I will be late”, her heart said disappointingly. 



She was talking to her friend. The informal chitchat they usually have. Their boss comes in. 

“Hello, everyone. I hope you are doing great.I want you to welcome our new employee Mr. XYZ.Please come in”

He comes in.

She turns toward him. Her heart skips a beat.

HE was standing in front of her.










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