My journey through the VE&F class so far..

So, it has been two weeks  since I first started the freelancing class and I have to say it I have come a long way.From learning to make a WordPress account to actually getting my thoughts out there and hearing the response, from making Fiverr account to managing all the gigs and getting to know  amazing online job offers.It has been a remarkable learning experience so far.

The best thing about the class is the  DIVERSITY there.  The diversity  of  participants had made it a dynamic learning space.Everyone  has expertise in a certain field and  together we learn,teach and share valuable  information and knowledge.

Before taking the Virtual Entrepreneurship and Freelancing  classes I had a vague knowledge about online jobs and how it really works. But just after one week in the class and I was enlightened with multiple online jobs websites, how they work , various ways to approach clients, amazing tips to stand out of the crowd and make your profile more interesting and appealing to your clients.

During the class, everyone is busy with their  own work minding their own business which shows their  serious and we-are-here-to-learn-something attitude.Another great thing about the class is the great mentors always there for help and support. They have got great energy which keeps us motivated and going.

The overall environment is full of fun and learning.Looking forward to  the new experiences ahead.



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