Where I am from …

Note: This is a poem I wrote three years ago as a class assignment for my Creative Writing class  during my exchange year in the US.I wrote this poem to give other classmates some idea about “who I am”

I am from the purple-headed mountains, the milky white water

that pours down the cracked holes in Earth

I am from the meat-loving nation and the mouth-watering cuisine

oily,salty,spicy,crispy umm

I am from “Give Respect Get Respect”and my parent innocent dreams

seeing their daughter going to college

I am from the city of lights, illuminating and prismatic

and the dark opaque hours ,waiting for the power to come back

I am from the shivering winters and the sweltering summers

and the relaxing chai and the tasty gola

I am from the whispers  of boring maths classes 

and cramming the “Equations of motion”at 1 pm

I am from the streams of tears after watching Titanic

and the wet eyes caused by the fear of losing my loved ones

I am from the simplicity and integrity of my ancestors

        dipped into the modernization of my thoughts

PS. I don’t find  mathematics or physics boring subjects anymore,in fact, both are my favorite.:)




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